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Refund Policy

Booking Deposits:

  • Non-refundable unless cancelled within 24-hours of original reservation (subject to 4% credit card processing fee).

Balance Paid Above Booking Deposit:

  • Fully refundable until the start of reservation (subject to 4% credit card processing fee).

COVID-19 Exceptions (updated 4/30/2020):

  • Please understand we are offering these exceptions as a matter of goodwill.
  • Vacationland Rentals, LLC is deemed an essential business per Maine Executive Order 19 (later extended per Executive Order 49).
  • Below qualifications must be met on the day the reservation was to begin.
  • Qualifying refund requests will be issued on or around the date your reservation was to begin.
  • All refunds are subject to 4% credit card processing fee (~fee charged to us).


  • Qualify for full refund if: The reservation was due to begin prior to June 1, 2020.
  • Qualify for full refund if: The campground identified in your reservation is closed.
  • Qualify for full refund if: Original reservation request identified a festival or fair that has been entirely cancelled and the facility is unable/willing to accommodate your reservation/stay.
  • Qualify for full refund if: The primary contact for the original reservation is traveling internationally and international recreational travel is not permitted on reservation dates.

Subject to change. Additional qualifications could be added as the season progresses.